Tsukiji Fish Market

Photo and text by Audi Khalid.

The famous Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo, Japan, finally ceases operation this week after 83 years of operation. It will now be relocated to a new location in eastern Tokyo.

Tsukiji is world-famous for being the biggest fish and seafood market in the world, and visitors are allowed to witness its live tuna auctions in the early morning.

Live tuna auction at Tsukiji, 2015.

A Morning at Tsukiji

I visited Japan in 2015 and captured these images from Tsukiji. We were ushered into a room around 5am, where we sat on the floor waiting for the auction to be ready.

A short time later, we were guided through the market to the auction area. The market was already bustling with activity, and the iconic trolley trucks silently zoomed around between warehouses. The sun was just about to peak over the horizon.

Fresh tuna fish on display for prospective bidders.
Fresh tuna fish on display for prospective bidders.